Bioethics Committee

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  Biomolecular Research: Dissecting Physiological Mechanisms 

 Biomolecular Research: Bases of  Diseases

Biomolecular Research on Cancer

Biotechnology for Human Health: High-troughput Research and Modelling


Biotechnology for Human Health: New Diagnostic Tools

Biotechnology for Human Health: New Therapeutic Tools

Traslating Research for Human Health




Mission Statement

Profil (Deutsch)

PhD Programme in Medical Physiopathology

PhD Programme in Experimental Medicine and Therapy

PhD Programme in Molecular Medicine

 PhD Programme in Neurosciences

Phd Programme in Biomedical Sciences and Oncology

Phd Programme in Veterinary Sciences for Animal Health and Food Safety

PhD Programme in Complex Systems for Life Sciences

PhD Programme in Applied Technologies in Surgical Sciences

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Comitato di Bioetica di Ateneo

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