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Irene Azzali

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The aim of this project is to investigate the potential of machine learning (ML) as a collection of data modelling tecniques suitable for different veterinary science problems. We foresee that this approach will show interesting advantages where a huge amount of complex and heterogeneous data is involved. The technique will firstly be applied to previously treated epidemiology problem so that we can compare its performances with other techniques standardly used and then it will be possibly applied to the ECOLAMB project that aims to assess acute stress and clinical signs of inflammation affecting animal health and welfare by means of physiological parameters monitored by newly developed wearable active sensor.

EvoSTAR 2018 Conference, Parma, 4-6 April 2018

S&DS 2018, Collegio Carlo Alberto, Torino, 24-25 May 2018


17th October 2017, Grugliasco-Torino, Department of Veterinary Science, Journal Club "Machine learning for Biomedical Data" (Speaker: Dott. Irene Azzali) 

18th October 2017, Torino, Department of Economics, "Introduction to Machine Learning and Genetic Programming" (Speaker: Prof. Leonardo Vanneschi (Universidade NOVA de Lisboa)) 

26th October 2017, Grugliasco-Torino, Department of Veterinary Science, Journal Club "Analysis of spatial organization of pasteur as a contact network, implications for potential disease spread and biosecurity in livestock" (Speaker: Dott. Francesca Abbona) 

31st October 2017, Grugliasco-Torino, Department of Veterinary Science, "Luminex technology" (Speaker: Dott. Rudd Jorna)

13th November 2017, Grugliasco-Torino, Department of Veterinary Science, "Biosensor assays in Veterinay Medicine" (Speaker: Prof. Tiziana Cannizzo)

20th December 2017, Grugliasco-Torino, Department of Veterinary Science, Journal Club "Data Analysis and Modelling Unit" (Speaker: Riccardo Gervasi) 

12th April 2018, Grugliasco-Torino, Department of Veterinary Science, "Practical aspects of pharmacokinetics in veterinary pharmacology" (Speaker: Dott. Andrejs Sitov (University of Riga-Lettonia)) 

13th April 2018, Torino, Collegio Carlo Alberto, "An application of Dirichlet Process Mixing for Bayesian Nonparametric Spatial Modeling" (Speaker: Dott. Luigi Riso)

20th April 2018, Torino, Rettorato, Workshop "Technology Transfer and Entreprenuership at the University of Turin" (Speaker: Dr. PhD. M. Sciacca)

17th July 2018, Torino, Department of Veterinary Science "Principles of multimodal treatment of cancer in dogs and cats" (Speaker: Prof. Paolo Buracco)




26th March, 7th-8th May 2018: "Scientific Writing". Department of Veterinary Science, L.go Braccini 2, Grugliasco (Lecturer: Prof. Carlo Nebbia)

7th May to 5th June: 'Scientific English'. Department of Veterinary Science, L.go Braccini 2, Grugliasco (Lecturer: Prof. Alice Edna Spencer)

8th May, 15th May, 18th May 2018: Workshop "Bibliography and bibliometrics like pros" - Doctoral School of University of Turin.


Intro to R, DataCamp, 6h

Intermediate R, DataCamp, 6h

Data manipulation in R with dplyr, DataCamp, 4h

Intro to SQL for Data Science, DataCamp, 4h

Data Visualization in R with ggplot (part 1), DataCamp, 5h

Data Visualization in R with ggplot (part 2), DataCamp, 5h

Foundation of inference, DataCamp, 4h

Correlation and Regression, DataCamp, 4h

11th January 2018-11th March 2018, Universidade NOVA de Lisboa, stays abroad under the supervision of prof. Leonardo Vanneschi to investigate the development of genetic programming approaches.



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