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Curriculum Vitae

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PhD Project: " “Immature” neurons in mammals: a “reservoir” of young neurons in large-sized brains?"

Brain structural plasticity is an exception to the genetically-determined structure of the nervous system. Plasticity is essential for adaptation to the changing environment and potentially useful for brain repair. In adult mammals, two brain stem cell niches generate new neurons which functionally integrate in the neural circuits (adult neurogenesis). Such neurogenesis decreases in large-brained, long-living species and did not provide reparative outcomes until now. In alternative, other brain regions have been found to host both genesis of new neurons and populations of non-newly generated, immature cells. This "parenchymal plasticity" appears to widely vary among mammals, suggesting that it has differently adapted to different neuroanatomies. Current knowledge of such plasticity is largely incomplete, most studies having been conducted in small-brained, short-living species (laboratory rodents), raising questions on their reliability as a proper model for humans. A hypothesis has been advanced that non-neurogenic plastic events might be maintained or even increased in large-brained, long-living mammals: if this is true, alternative therapeutic and preventive approaches could be developed starting from parenchymal plasticity. 

Hence, the objective of this study is to systematically assess the occurrence and features of immature neurons in a relatively wide range of mammals in order to explore their relationship with different neuroanatomies, which, in turn, are linked to other factors.

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- Structural plasticity in the brain parenchyma of different mammals

- Distribution of DCX+ cells in the white matter of Cetartiodactyla


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